I'm for hire! "do you still like what you see?"

Need a singer? Need a sax player? Need a piano player? Need a web site?

Contact me — I'm for hire!

I am the best sightreader I've ever met. I've read parts for the first time in gigs — a cappella/vocal, big band, and sax quartet. I don't prefer to sightread in a gig, but I can do it. So if you need a sub... contact me!

The voice part I sing best is alto, but I can also sing most tenor parts, as well as many soprano parts. Similar ranges apply for big band or other band charts.

As far as sax/piano playing, I'd put my improvising ability into the "intermediate" category, but again, I can sightread a written part like nobody's business. I've also played some professional "background piano" gigs and would be available for that.

Lastly, if you like what you see on this web site, I have very reasonable rates for web design.

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