Songs "he takes time from the needy
and gives it to the fool"
Father Time

Everyone else I know is writing songs and making a CD... why shouldn't I? This was the inspiration behind my first project.

Here are some original songs that will be included on my first album, still in progress. Click on the links below to hear clips, read lyrics for each song, and learn the inspiration behind each song. **NOTE: clips are now in mp3 format! Not all songs have clips yet... come back soon!

Masquerade Lyrics Clip
This Time Lyrics Clip
Pickup Lyrics Clip
Wait and See Lyrics Clip
Father Time Lyrics Clip
It Was Fun While It Lasted Lyrics Clip
Little Princess Lyrics Clip
Alone Lyrics Clip
Cruisin' The I's Lyrics Clip
When I'm With You Lyrics Clip
Hat Dance (instrumental) Clip
Flyin' High Lyrics Clip
I'm Glad I Found You Lyrics Clip
Extremes Lyrics Clip
Starbucks Lyrics Clip

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