Gigs "take your mask off if you dare
give everyone a real scare"

A selection of Brooke's upcoming gigs:

  • Saturday, 8 Dec 2007:
    Christmas Party, Brighton Court, Lynnwood
  • Saturday, 15 Dec 2007:
    Alderwood Mall Holiday Entertainment
    Piano/vocal with Cascadia Jazz
  • Check back after January 1 -- Brooke promises more solo dates in the early months of 2008. I have decided that work will no longer swallow my life.

Bits of trivia about Brooke and the site.

  1. This entire site was written by an Old School Web Geek (me). None of those fancy web programs, all were hand-written in vi.
  2. All of the pictures on the front page were taken outside of the US. The purple and brown pictures were taken in Vancouver, BC; and the green picture was taken in Zermatt, Switzerland.
  3. Brooke has run three marathons. I am in temporary retirement — the men in white coats have stopped chasing me. But I have been known to go for a 12 mile run "just for fun".
  4. Brooke was born on a warm August evening, sometime during the Nixon administration. It's up to you to guess which year.
  5. Brooke has visited 49 states (missing only West Virginia). After I've seen all the states, what will I have to aspire to in life?
  6. Brooke's previous careers: graduate student in pharmaceutical chemistry at UCSF, research biochemist, analyst at an online investment company (since swallowed by a big fish), 'content specialist' at a biology/internet company, data analyst on the Human Genome Project, college chemistry/biology professor, and fitness instructor. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.