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Cruisin' the I's

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Your SiteDon Hayward [14Mar2011, 13:50 PDT (-0700)]
It's a very nice website.
European TripDoug Burke [28Dec2008, 11:12 PST (-0800)]
Brooke: Just saw your post over at Runango about your European trip (replying here because you might not see it there).

We've been to Europe many times and on one drove trip down the Danube. We stayed at Durnstien also and hiked up to the castle too! (tough climb). Went to Melk also and spent three days in Vienna.

Also, saw the clock in Prague (I agree: overrated).

Probably the most moving part, we went to Matthausen, a Nazi concentration camp in the Danube valley. It's left just like it was when Patten liberated it in '45, rusting gallows still there, etc. Put life in perstpective.

Anyway, thanks for the read and the photos. I enjoyed it.

Doug Burke
Hi Brooke-Tam [09Feb2008, 22:19 PST (-0800)]
Hi Brooke-

Old friend from Rose Lab. My how time flies. It's been 13 years since we graduated. I'm now married with a son as you may have seen on facebook.
I see that you are married too. Do you have any children?

Great website, interesting that music is such a part of your life now.

Hello BrookeJeeyoun Geum [30Nov2007, 23:05 PST (-0800)]
I hope you are enjoy your weekend, I really liked your songs! It was very different from our regular class so I guess it was good :D
and I could not find any source for our class so please tell me where they are, thank you

Jeeyoun Geum
Hey there!Mahamood [03Nov2007, 18:44 PDT (-0700)]
Hey Brooke,

I was really nice chatting up with you and Bruce at the TG yesterday. Look forward to seeing you at more at our events!

Hi thereDaniele [03Oct2007, 22:37 PDT (-0700)]
Great website. I didn't know you were a musician as well. See you in class, Monday.
Singing?Savitri [22Apr2007, 13:19 PDT (-0700)]
Brooke, I honestly would've never envisaged you as a singer. I listened to one of your clips, and I liked it. Gotta tell my friend who aspires to be a singer to check it out. All my previous chemistry teachers were always serious about things; one of the got mad at me because I didn't quite know the right procedures for titration. You make Chemistry fun to learn. Wish you the very best for your future endeavors!
-Savitri from Chem 101
wowMarwa [07Feb2007, 15:42 PST (-0800)]
This is pretty cool

my chemistry teacher is very cool

nice site
cool siteAshley Oliveira [26Jan2007, 05:21 PST (-0800)]
HI Brooke, I am one of your students in Chem 101 at EdCC.. I just wanted to let you know that you have a really cool site. I never would have known so much about you if I hadnt of checked it out. I too also played the alto and tenor sax.. baritone in jazz band.. i really had a great time, but dont have the time anymore to really get to evjoy it. Anyway- Thanks for making Chemistry fun and interesting
Yep, I'm a fan!Kimberly Morin [29Nov2006, 23:10 PST (-0800)]
You are contagious.
There needs to be a subject?Wendy [30Sep2006, 15:09 PDT (-0700)]
Just thought I'd sign the guestbook, so you'd know I was at least procrastinating on the assignment due this monday.. which is much closer to doing it than watching tv or doing math homework. =) Oh and cool site.. your hubby's too.. thought you'd enjoy knowing that you're both being stalked. I know it would make ME happy!! =)
~Wendy K.
(edcc chem 131)
RushBilliam [05Sep2006, 17:59 PDT (-0700)]
Hi Brooke,

I gotta Rush listening to your songs. I play just a little bit of piano. I quit playing about 40 years then took it up again a couple of years ago. There is no way I can move my fingers like I used to. I think I've got some arthritis going. Anyway, I'm mostly playing Easy Piano Beatles stuff right now. Maybe I need to find someone to teach me chords. My last teacher (a couple of years ago) is an awesome player/singer, but I don't think she could come down to my level when she tried teaching me chords. You know? Anyway, I really enjoyed your music and voice!

Billiam,who wonders if you noticed I worked in your favorite band in the subject and message :-)
I want to work with youMaestro Dennis Koltz [11Aug2006, 14:26 PDT (-0700)]
You responded my ad on CL today. I am impressed by your signing and as a videographer I want to work with you! I can put you on TV and I can make you a DVD with a series of videoclips. I want to combine your voice and your music with my gear and abilities to make a very good video!
ChemistryDanny Vail [15Jun2006, 01:11 PDT (-0700)]
Yeah! Final is tomorrow!

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!
Hi!Jennifer Beauregard [13May2005, 19:37 PDT (-0700)]
Hope everything is going well! I want to catch up...e-mail me.
Great Songs, Great Site!Ken "Mad Scientist" Ricci [08Jul2004, 10:30 PDT (-0700)]

You really have a gift for music and
lyrics. I just LOVED "Cruisin' the
I's" -- that is SO LA! The other
day I heard your voice singing that refrain "Father Time is cruel..."
running through my head all day long.
Diane thinks it's depressing,
but hey, it's a great song.
Sometimes good songs are depressing...
Dust in the Wind, right?

Great site.Summer [20Jun2004, 14:21 PDT (-0700)]
Great job on the site, Brooke. Let us know when you have the clips up & running.
Great site!Amiane [16Jun2004, 22:21 PDT (-0700)]
Great site!
song backgroundssharon yool [11Jun2004, 22:33 PDT (-0700)]
Enjoyed very much reading what inspired each song. Each song is unique. Can't wait for your first CD.
Use of 'vi'Mike [10Jun2004, 21:00 PDT (-0700)]
Nice site! But, I'm sorry, the use of 'vi' definitely gives away your age. All kewl d00dz use emacs. :-)
We're up!Brooke [10Jun2004, 17:44 PDT (-0700)]
Hi all!

Well, a year after the domain purchase, and I (kind of) have a web presence!

It's still imperfect (why do *all* of the links move when I mouseover only *one*? Mysteries...) but overall good.

I have three or four more tunes in progress. Watch this space!

Thanks for your support and much love,

-- b
Hey thereDavid Pariseau [10Jun2004, 17:26 PDT (-0700)]
Very nice!!! Look forward to listening to the audio clips!


URAQT(pi)Bruce [10Jun2004, 17:21 PDT (-0700)]
You're sooooooo cute!!! :)